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Carus Green Golf Academy
Carus Green Golf Academy chooses Vertex Digital Sports at new academy in the UK
Billy Casper Golf Academy
The Billy Casper Golf Academy at The Ledges of St. George
Vertex at Nike Golf R&D Facility
 Watch "Behind the Scenes" at Nike's Putter Lab.
Nicklaus Academy
New Nicklaus Academy at LeoPalace Resort Guam

Advanced Video Analysis Systems

Vertex Digital Sports has been providing technology to high end sports Academies all over the world for almost 10 years. Our software has been customized to meet the needs of Nicklaus Academies worldwide, Optimal Analysis in Europe and Nike's Research and Development.


  • Basler High Speed Cameras

    Vertex has been working with Basler cameras for almost 10 years. Our vast experience means you'll get the most out of your investment in high speed cameras.
  • Pressure Mapping Systems

    Our motion analysis software integrates seamlessly with Boditrack, Tekscan and Sensor products pressure mapping systems capable of measuring weight shift and/or performing gait analysis.
  • Golf Ball Launch Monitors

    Our software automatically collects and displays club and ball launch data from a variety of launch monitors and 3D simulators, including: Flightscope, Trackman, TruGolf, ForeGolf and FullSwing.
  • Branded Online Academy

    Our web platform allows you to create an online branded Academy with no web programming. Easily upload videos for your clients, schedule future lessons and more all online.